Group Business Information

Our Group Business Meeting is held last Sunday of each month at 7PM Central Time 712) 432-0075 on Access Code 299-757#.

The purpose of the Group Business Meeting is to conduct the business of the group so that the group remains effective in carrying the recovery message. Group Business Meetings are conducted on fourth Sunday of each month via telephone conference by a prearranged Agnda. Any home group member who attends two out of the last three Group Business Meetings is eligible to vote.


This group is represented by the New Orleans Area of N.A.;  the NEW ORLEANS AREA SERVICE COMMITTEE GUIDELINES are attached.

A Motion sheet is attached for your use; Motion Request Form. Please complete the second through fifth items on the form except for the Motion#: Person making the motion; Person seconding the motion; Motion and the Intent of Motion. We record all motions for the group archives.

You may submit this information by phone, fax, email or text. Motions and all agenda items items must be submitted to the Secretary no later than Wednesday, (3 days prior to meeting) via telephone, e-mail, or hand delivery before the business meeting so that it can be placed on the Agenda for the upcoming business meeting.

Click here for the Trusted Servants  and contact information.

All Subcommittee meetings are held on (712) 432-0075 on Access Code 299757#. Click here for the Subcommittee Meeting Schedules

Group Business Meeting Minutes




New Orleans Area Meeting Minutes 


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